Giving it up.

I’m giving it up.

Sugar that is.

  Sugar and I have had a love affair ever since I was little. Its gone from gushers and fruit roll ups to frozen yogurts and ice cream now. But I have always had the worlds worst sweet tooth…. dessert 3 times in one day? Sure, why not! But lately I have noticed that I don’t just enjoy my sweets, I crave them…A lot.

   So, as a way to hopefully break my addicition and cravings for sweets I’ve decided to give up sugar for the month of June. I’ll still be eating all the delicious natural sugars that are found in fruits but I’ll be cutting out desserts, sodas, juice etc. Anything with added sugar basically.  

Also, before it comes up let me just say this is not so that I lose weight, it’s not a diet, and i don’t plan on giving up sugar forever. I love it. way. too. much. But I’ll give it up for a short while so my body can stop craving it and I can go back to enjoying it on a more casual basis.

Anywho I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes… I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than a few days without dessert so it’ll definitely be interesting and challenging!


Date night, yoga and graduating

Hello Again!

Yesterday was my day off and for once my BF had the day off too so we took advantage of that and enjoyed the entire day! We started out with breakfast out and I opted for simple and delicious. I had two eggs over easy with a side of sourdough toast, I love sourdough but never buy it so whenever I go out for breakfast I always get some. After that we went for a walk by the bay with his pup Abby. Sorry for the lack of pics I left my phone behind for most of the day.

Finally it was time for date night dinner. My Bf got the random and fun idea to drive up to Anaheim and go to Medieval times. If you haven’t heard of it it is a dinner show with knights jousting and such. Pretty cheesy but still fun! definitely would be great for the kiddos.

photo 1

It was definitely a different date!

On to today, I got up bright and early to head to the gym. I did a solid 45 minutes on the elliptical and then I went to a yoga class. It was exactly what my body was craving. I’ve always loved yoga but I never do it enough…or consistently enough. I go through phases. But I’m super excited I’ve been going once a week for the past 5 weeks. It really feels soo good.


      To switch things up around these parts I thought I would talk a bit about what has been on my mind lately beside the food and fitness usual.

        Ever since I graduated all of 2 weeks ago I feel this looming pressure. I know it is completely in my head but I can’t help but feel like every decision I make has the power to determine the rest of my life. I’m talking jobs, schools, bf’s, moving. Big decisions, not what to eat or wear! I know I can make these decisions and if I’m not happy or life changes I can always change my mind and make a new decision and find a new path. I just take it all too seriously I guess. Sometimes it just feels like its so easy to make all these decisions and then realize 10 years later you’re somewhere you didn’t mean to end up.

   I’m sure a lot of the twenty something’s out there can relate. The choices we make in this decade can shape big parts of the rest of our lives. Luckily I don’t have any decisions to make today though.

Time for a thai date with the bestie. Hope you all are enjoying your evenings!

Ready to get this going!

     So after starting this lovely little blog of mine my last semester of college held me hostage and I didn’t have time to write anything other then essays. But, now that I have officially graduated I have all the time in the world and am so excited to spend some time writing here, things I actually want to write instead of papers.


   Today was a somewhat uneventful Memorial day for me, I worked all morning through the afternoon and it was TERRIBLY slow. I’m a waitress/hostess at a locally owned Seafood restaurant in case you were wondering.

   Work was uneventful but lunch was not, it did feature one of my new found favorite meals, a BLT. I know that BLT’s are nothing new for most people but for me they are. I was raised vegetarian for the first 18 years of my life and I still don’t eat any red meat(just poultry and seafood). So the BLT I made myself today featured turkey bacon and of course I had to throw some avocado on there too because, well, EVERYTHING is better with avocado. Sheesh I guess that makes me a true California girl!

Check this baby out!



   Besides work today I also squeezed in a 4 mile run and have been procrastinating on some vacuuming that needs to get done. Other then that I don’t have much planned for the night, maybe I’ll swing by redbox and rent a movie for the BF and I to watch tonight.       

    Happy Memorial day friends, I hope you’re all enjoying it!


Jumping on Board

Well, after reading lots of healthy living blogs for the last 2 years but staying completely behind the scenes I’m finally taking the leap and starting my own blog.The healthy living blogs I’ve followed have helped me find my own version of balance in the world of food and fitness at a time where my life when i needed nothing more than that. So, after my wonderful experiences reading the blogs in this community I’m excited to join it myself.

Anyways, I hope for this blog to become many things. An inspiration to others.  A place to express myself. A home for my musings, recipes, workouts and whatever else may find its way here. And I look forward to getting to know all of you!